Angelita Williams, a native of Rochester, New York was always captivated by the Beauty and Fashion Industries, while playing dress up and giving her dolls makeovers from head-to-toe Angelita knew early on that she wanted to expand her horizons and engulf herself into the things she loved which was making people look and feel their best! After absorbing all what she felt New York had to offer she relocated to Atlanta Georgia. In 1992 Angelita began her career in the Beauty Industry placing her focus on Nails, she began taking on positions in Full-Service Salon Spas honing and mastering her craft! Working as a nail technician allowed Angelita to build a rapport with many of her clients and peers. She began receiving request for mobile Nail and Esthetic services, Angelita found a sense of freedom and independence in working for herself and being her own Boss!


After countless clients and numerous experiences within the industry Angelita began flourishing and started shifting her attention towards the business aspect of things. Contemplating her ability to own and operate her own business Angelita put one-foot Infront of the other along with the knowledge of the industry she obtained throughout her career and never looked back, because of her hard work, perseverance, and determination, “Ultra Luxe Mobile Spa was born! Angelita has assembled a roster of qualified and highly trained Nail Technicians, Aestheticians, Cosmologist, and Masseuses to perform Ultra Luxurious services to meet all their client’s needs. 

Business Mogul, Creative, and Trendsetter Angelita Williams turning Dreams into Reality.